What is Penta?Why are we building Penta?Are you a bank?Does solarisBank own you?Does this qualify as a normal bank account?What information do I need to provide to sign up?How do I sign up?How many debit cards come along with one account?Can I cancel my account?Will my account stay free?Are there any hidden costs?Are my savings safe? Is there a limited guarantee if the bank goes bust?How long does the registration take?

What is Penta?

Penta reinvents business banking by offering the one stop shop solution for its customers. We connect a fully-fledged bank account with business apps in order to save time, money and effort for business owners.

Why are we building Penta?

Our company’s goal is to empower businesses. To help them scale faster, move quicker and focus on what’s more important: their business, their team and their customers.

At Penta, we believe that banking is at the core of every business. And by making it easier for founders to do their banking, we believe that we can help founders get closer to achieving their goals and ambitions.

Are you a bank?

Penta is not a bank. It is better. We partnered with solarisBank to offer deposit account. But this is just beginning. In the following months we will be integrating other financial products and services including FX, debit cards and loans but also business applications such as accounting, CRM, ERP and many more.

Does SolarisBank own you?

Nope. We are our own company, with our own employees, our own office, our own creativity and our own mission.

Does this qualify as a normal bank account?

Yes. When you open a Penta business account, you’ll have a full-fledged bank account with an individual IBAN by solarisBank.

What information do I need to provide to sign up?

We’ll ask you to provide us information about yourself, such as your: full name, birthdate and address. We’ll also have to know some information about your business: the business type (UG, GmbH, or other), the registration number (if applicable) as well as any shareholders who have above 25%.

How do I sign up?

We’re currently not live yet! But you can subscribe here on our website and be the first to know when we launch and you can get involved with our community!

How many debit cards come along with one account?

When opening the account, you get one business MasterCard sent to your address for free.

Have a bigger team? You can order as many as you like for a few euros a month per additional card! You can also set different budgets and constraints per card.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. And we won’t charge you for it, or make it complicated!

But we’ll be really sad 😔

Will my account stay free?

Yes. Opening a business account and sending 10 transactions per month will always be free. Once you start growing, you can pay for the services and apps you need to help your business move faster, scale and grow.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope. We’ll always notify you once we charge for something.

Are my savings safe? Is there a limited guarantee if the bank goes bust?

Deposits are insured up to €100,000 by the National Deposit Guarantee Scheme, same as for any BaFin regulated bank account in Germany.

How long does the registration take?

Signup takes 15 minutes on average for businesses. However, some businesses may take a little longer.